No sleep in sight♥

It’s after 3am😢 What am I doing awake? Mind wondering all over the place. Cannot wind down

Any suggestions on what I should/could be doing? Sleep😴 is obviously NOT an option.

I’ve tried sex… Twice! That only made me MORE awake… Haha

I’ve tried reading…. I can’t sit still long enough to get into it

I’ve watched TV….nothing interesting

I’ve taken a shower……. Wide awake👀

I’m sitting in front of a nice warm fire 🔥 thinking this might be cozy enough for me to fall asleep……… Ummmmm NO!

I don’t really take meds, so….. Wide awake.!

I’m up late every night! I need a pen pal., haha! I need someone whose up as late as I am to keep me company😁


#lonelynights. #needafriend #wideawake #nothingtodoat3am

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