Share A Smile♥

If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours♥

Dolly Parton

Smile through the pain, through the sadness, through the heartache.

I don’t feel like a smile most of the time. But, I force myself. I force myself to do better, to feel better♥

A simple smile can make you feel better, put you in a better mood and plus it looks much nicer than a frown☺

Each and every day I’m faced with depression. I cry on most days. It’s just given♥But, Sometimes you have to want to be better, to feel better. You may have to go that extra mile to make you feel just a little better. Smile and see if it doesn’t change your attitude in some way.

A smile gives a “feel good” feeling.

See how many people you can smile at today, and then, they return the smile☺

It’s contagious♥I promise


#bekindalways. #asmilegoesalongway

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